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Data driven retail



Staying relevant in a competitive industry

Our client is a forward-thinking Southeast Asian retail giant. The business spanned across many categories of consumer goods, from FMCG, Fashion to household appliances. With the disruption in the retail industry affecting businesses of all sizes, our client wanted to use technology to create a lasting impact in their business.

Our Value Proposition

The company had a treasure trove of data from the millions of customers it has interacted with over the years. We used these data points and created a rich map of its customer’s behavior.

With our data analytics team, we were able to identify important key performance indicators (KPI), recognize the patterns within them and implement predictive and optimizing elements.

We provided industry-leading data collection, cleansing and processing technology that allowed our data engineers to deliver structured and logical results.

Our robust data analytics and engineering technology toolkit allowed us to build predictive models for product demand, sales promotions and loss of goods, which were trained and tested to acceptable levels.

Our data models were designed to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, and make use of feedback loops to have continuous improvement.


Improvement on bottomline

We were able to create optimizations that contributed greatly to the bottom-line, allowing the business to grow rapidly, using the power of data.

A more agile business

Optimizations were made across key business areas such as purchasing, sales and inventory, resulting in exponential savings, and allowed for faster turnarounds.

Reducing Wasteage

Inventory control was tightened and wastage was reduced by nearly 30%, resulting in lower inventory turnaround time, warehousing costs and product obsolescence.

As a result of the data analytics practices we implemented for the company, they were able to get insight to their business and improve business practices to further optimize operations and contribute to the bottom-line.

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