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Subcontinental logistics
network transformation



Scale & Efficiency for a regional logistics hub

The island nation of Sri Lanka is located at a strategic subcontinental location, serving as a key point in maritime logistics. Laugfs Holdings, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Sri Lanka, plays a pivotl role in unlocking the full potential of the countr’s geolocation. The company is a significant player in the oil & gas space in the region and has the largest natural gas terminal in South Asia.

With a rapidly expanding business & operational footprint- the expansion of 30,000 metric tons capacity - Laugfs wanted to use technology and data to act as a springboard for its continued scaling of the natural gas terminal.Laugfs also wanted to streamline its ever expending natural gas expanding business, interfaced with the natural gas terminal.

Our Value Proposition

Our solution centralized operational and functional systems into a single platform, which allowed for the reduction of duplication of processes and systems, and drastically reducing overhead.

A scalable system for evolving complex operations, that allowed the business to increase its capacity and avoid losses. Business functions such as finance, material management, sales and distribution, production planning and plant maintenance were now streamlined and were geared for the increase operational volume as a result of our proposition.

A system that tightly coupled with mission-critical systems such as the terminal management system (TMS) which allowed information from functional activities to flow into operational and management dashboards.

Integrating a system used to manage crude oil and product movement between partners in land and marine logistics, which previously used to function as a standalone system.

To implement an end-to-end ERP implementation of SAP, finely tuned to the unique needs of a gas-terminal


Data-First Terminal Platform

Integrating the ERP with the missioncritical terminal management system allowed for better dataflow and management, resulting in a platform fit for the terminal of the future.

Enabling a High-Performance Facility

With high visibility into key metrics, across product, facility and business operations the company had stronger control over critical KPIs and Service Level Agreements (SLAS) with its various stakeholders.

Reduction in overheads

The company is able to heave greater financial control over its operations and reduce costs through data driven business planning.

Laugfs propelled itself further into being a strategic player in the region in oil & gas and logistics space with this implementation.  The ERP system provided a base for the business to adopt future-forward technologies such as process automation and predictive analytics.  It fully leveraged the power of data-flow between product, facility and business operations and gave the management greater flexibility in decision making

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