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Seed to plate journey



Optimize agriculture production cycles

CIC is a large Sri Lankan agro-biz, playing a pivotal role in the seed to shelf journey in Sri Lanka’s food supply chain. Its operations range from seed supply, fertilizer, agriculture production, packaging and distribution. It operates over 10,000 acres of farmland and plays a key role in Sri Lanka’s food security and food import substitution. It operates to international standards and R&D operations.

With food security becoming a key driver of economic growth, the company wanted to increase efficiency in crop monitoring and improve the efficiency of logistics operations.

CIC was running an outdated SAP implementation which resulted in oversight of farmer output, land use statistics and food shelf life.  This affects business continuity with farm and crop management needed serious attention.

Our Value Proposition

Facilitate complex business modelling combining farmer management, crop scarcity & production, food security and output management, using robust planning tools and dashboards provided by our implementation.

Create a major shift in project management, addressing the biological and commercial dimensions of crop production, providing high visibility for users across all key functional areas

Since CIC works with many stakeholders both locally and globally, our solution was designed to help manage support service engagements and value engineering activities that interfaced with a high number of IT systems.

Overhaul the strategic planning and business continuity planning functions, through rich data points and deep drilldowns afforded by our SAP implementation.

Our proposition is to provide a revamped SAP ERP platform that allowed for strong control over the many functional areas of the business. This was backed up by our business consultants who helped educate users to better leverage the breadth of functions provided by the new system


Uptick on Key Business Metrics

The business had seen strong improvements across all its key functions, from planning, procurement, stocking and distribution, reducing wastage and improving its turnaround times.

Better Business Resiliency

CIC operates in a highly volatile environment, with changes in both economic and natural climates affecting its business output. With the added visibility and data-drill-down facilities provided by the ERP system, CIC was able to buffer itself against changes and protect the business and more importantly, its food supply chain.

Improve Livelihoods

As a business that works very closely with rural farmers, the improvement in CIC’s business processes created a better safety net for the farmers it works with. It avoided losses in transporting goods, and was able to give better guidance on crop-selection, crop-monitoring and land usage to the farmers

As a result of the refreshed SAP Implementation, CIC was able to greatly build up its business resiliency and create better food security for Sri Lankans across. It was able to further strengthen local food production and distribution and ensured that farmers were better protected against seasonal fluctuations and environmental risks.

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