Impact drivers


Our consulting practice is a mature business and is led by a team of experienced industry professionals,  with deep domain expertise; experts in banking, manufacturing, and oil & gas. We measure our success based on the value we’ve delivered for our clients, and our team is structured around this driving idea.

Our team is equal parts business consultants and technology experts. We approach every project from the bottom line; how the project adds value, reflected in real terms. This business-first approach means that we are vendor agnostic, and bring in the right tools and resources needed to deliver the objective.

High Value

SAP Consulting

From day 1, we’ve had a strong reputation for delivering SAP implementations and Value Engineering Engagements covering both S/4 HANA and ECC versions of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System.

Our team is comprised of experts in area, and we’ve successfully extended our offering as biz-tech consultants, with a strong portfolio of SAP implementations for large businesses in Asia Pacific.

Our consultants are highly capable in their own right, with a high degree of knowledge, skill and functional expertise in a wide array of SAP modules. This allows us to have a deep and meaningful interactions with business stakeholders in order to adopt best practices and unlock the value brought by the SAP ERP system.


POTENZA's SAP Consultation practise is extensive, covering a wide array of industries; banking, manufacturing, oil&gas and retail. We are able to simplify complex businesses processes and requirements so that businesses can focus on creating value.


We have had a strong focus on building our peripheral repertoire around SAP, and now have dedicated resoruces for SAP ERP Support for S/4 HANA and ECC. Our team is constantly trained to meet global standards and are capable of delivering S/4 HANA and ECC services to global standards.

Value Engineering

We’ve built a strong SAP Support services group for S/4 HANA and ECC, with Level 1 and Level 2 support capabilities. Our lean model has allowed large businesses to reliably offload maintenance of the SAP digital core. Additionally we also provide a support PLUS offering; a combination of support, implementation, enhancement and training.

Delivered by a highly skilled team of consultants, our support services are unparalleled in enabling value in a business’ IT infrastructure from Day 1.

Upgrades & Migrations

Moving from existing systems - be it an upgrade or a migration - can adversely affect operations if not managed correctly. For such projects, we organize our teams around two key tasks; transitioning and implementation. The transition teams work on minimizing disruption to the existing workflows and implementation teams deliver resources to drive scale & growth.

Subcontinental logistics transformation


We designed and implemented a highly scalable and agile ERP platform for Sri Lanka’s largest oil and gas terminal, resulting in a massive improvement in efficiency.

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