Purpose led data analytics


Data has now become the most valuable asset in any organization. Be it generated data from the business’ operations or external data from partners, customers and marketing platforms data-driven decision making is at the heart of the most successful organizations of today.

Our Analytics practise brings together domain experts, data scientists and platform integrators, to help businesses understand the story behind the numbers.

Analytics help businesses move from a “what happened?” conversations to “why did it happen?” extending to “What’s the best that could happen?” discussions, moving from reactive decisions to a business practice based on proactive decision.

Data Warehouse & ETL Implementationand Optimization

The data warehousing services and ETL Implementation and optimization services serve as a backbone and foundation to the advanced analytics and BI services.

We are platform agnostic and are able to provide the entire data warehousing pipeline; from extraction to transformation and loading, regardless of the scale of the data repository.

Our technology skillset covers Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI and SAP Analytics Cloud for visualization and analytics, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Technologies and SAP HANA for Data Store and Warehousing and Microsoft SQL Server Integrations Services (MSIS), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and Talend for Extract, Transform and Loading (ETL) delivery.

Business Intelligence, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

BI is understanding where we’ve been, and understanding patterns which are already there. BI helps decision-makers have a firm grasp of the current situation and to make changes to their course accordingly.

Predictive & Prescriptive analytics is envisaging what’s to come, backed by correlating events and making appropriate changes to make the best of a given situation. It delivers powerful operational efficiencies whether its inventory control, planning a product launch or understanding customer behaviour, analytics has changed how organizations make decisions.