POTENZA Awarded the Best SAP Practice in Sri Lanka by The Global Economist (UK)

POTENZA Awarded the Best SAP Practice in Sri Lanka by The Global Economist (UK)

The Global Economics, A British Based Publisher and Review Body awarded POTENZA as the best SAP Practice in Sri Lanka for the year 2020. This award exemplifies the unique bespoke capabilities maintained by POTENZA for its SAP Consulting abilities. This award was provided post a tedious evaluation process conducted directly by the UK publisher where the below criteria and capabilities were assessed.

  • Number of Unique SAP Projects Delivered
  • Number of Different Industries Covered During SAP Implementations
  • Unique Value Offerings Created through utilizing SAP
  • Number of Certified Consultants
  • Project Success/Failure Rate
  • Customer Feedback

POTENZA’s track record was evident through its multiple SAP implementations done not only in Sri Lanka, but also in countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia where POTENZA is recognized as an Emerging SAP Consulting Brand.

SAP being a tier 1, Premium Next Generation ERP System, many organizations embrace its technologies through heavy investment, however, fails to recognize the value it brings due to the lack of expertise of implementation parties. This award Showcases that the POTENZA stands out amongst the rest of the implementation partners when it comes to pure consulting capabilities and industry success rate for all SAP engagements.

Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation Channa Weeraratne Added that “This award further justifies the sheer ability of our SAP consulting team and the value created for our customers. In most instances in the region, SAP implementations or any other ERP implementation for that fact are faced with a mere average success rate of around 27%, where in all other instances, implementations are faced with various other barriers and complications resulting in an incomplete or an ineffective implementation. Our team has showcased time and time again that our secret sauce in implementation has always provided quick and effective results for our customers. It is no surprise that this award is given to POTENZA as the team truly houses international standard implementation and consulting capabilities”

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