POTENZA Awarded Most Innovative Data Transformers by The Global Economist

POTENZA Awarded Most Innovative Data Transformers by The Global Economist

The Global Economist, UK based publisher and magazine has awarded POTENZA as the most innovative Data Transformers for Sri Lanka for the year 2020. This Award signifies the capabilities maintained within the organization in relation to Data Engineering and Analytics. The award was provided to POTENZA after strict evaluation from a panel of judges directly from the UK, where multiple criteria and capabilities were evaluated.

  • Number of Unique Data Related Projects Delivered
  • Number of Different Industries Covered During Data Implementations
  • Research and Development Conducted on Data Engineering and Science on Multiple Industries
  • Number of Certified Consultants on multiple platforms
  • Value and Transparency created for end customers
  • Customer Feedback
  • Executable Deliverables in the realm of AI and Machine Learning

POTENZA is renowned for being an entity with the ability to provide organizations in great transparency and efficiency through utilizing their own data. Within the POTENZA Analytics team two unique teams are maintained. One being that of Data Engineering where organizational data is structured and engineered in accordance with best practices to help organizations logically structure complex sets of data utilizing best of the best technologies. The other being the Data Science practice, where what happened, what would happen and how to behave when it happens for organizations are clearly provided. Hence through the use of complex data engineering as well as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, POTENZA has showcase in the region their Data capabilities, most often than not with large regional conglomerates and enterprises.

Delivery Lead and Head of Analytics Ishara Ranaweera stated that” The award provided by the Global Economist showcases just what kind of abilities that our Team brings to the table. Whether its Data Engineering or Data Science, POTENZA has the expertise and the experience to deliver even the most complex project which is even in standard to global data delivery expectations.

Lead- Head of Data Engineering Ajan Balakumaran added that “Most of the customers whether it be North American, Australian or even South East Asian, are baffled by the quality and the capability we bring to the playing field. By winning this award we hope to further gain traction and opportunities to be able to demonstrate our capabilities to wider global audience”

Lead – Head of Data Science Sandupama Basnayake said that “We have done many years of research on many industries and how data science would operate in such for us to get to this point. Whether it is in Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil and Gas or even Apparel and Fashion, through out the years we have built strong competencies on how data science and data visualization should be in accordance to the best practices present in the globe.”

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